Team Steak-Specialists

Michael Schaller - Founder of Steak Specialists

Michael - Founder of Steak Specialists
Michael Schaller - Founder of our restaurant

Michael started his cooking career with training in Germany in 1999. After graduation, he just had one dream: To travel, cookand get to know the world!

He has worked in many kitchens in different countries such as Italy (Venice), the Czech Republic (Prague) and Thailand (Bangkok). Along with jobs in the kitchens of the "big players" like Hilton and Marriott, Michael has experience with those of the "small players" as well: different restaurants and city hotels.

After coming back from his culinary travels from all over the world, Michael Schaller slowed down and took a job at a retirement home as deputy head chef. It was not about cooking à la carte but Michael learned HACCP there like no one else!

In 2006 he attended a 6-month seminary in Cologne, Germany where he successfully passed the trainer qualification (IHK) asbest of his year. He used his diploma in professional endeavors as well as educational ones.

Michael Schaller's skills are a big benefit for our team. He is not only responsible for the teaching of our chefs but also for the quality standards in the service area.


Finally, Michael realized that he is passionate about the profession of cooking but that he was also made for a pirate existence. He decided to change his career a bit and Michael completed a retraining course to be a businessman in the tourism branch. He also studied online tourism marketing.

Not more than three years later, Michael went back to Thailand and founded the popular and now famous German travelnetwork, which with the international tour operator Nutty's Adventures Co. Ltd. cooperates. Of course, Michael has also created the website and operates it with passion.

Michael also maintains the following tourist websites:


He's been determined to bring excellent western food and beef steaks to Chiang Rai and to run our steakhouse together withhis wife for many years now. We are pleased to have that amount of experience on our team.


Michael is also a "Thailand Elite"member. Guests with a membership card from "Thailand Elite" receive a 15% discount on all meals in our restaurant. (Alcoholic drinks excluded.)
ไมเคิลยังเป็นสมาชิกระดับสูงของประเทศไทย ผู้ที่ได้รับบัตรสมาชิกจาก Elite Thailand จะได้รับส่วนลด 15% สำหรับอาหารทุกมื้อ (ไม่รวมเครื่องดื่มแอลกอฮอล์)

Tida Schaller - Owner of Steak-Specialists

Tida Schaller
Tida Schaller - Owner of Steak Specialists

They say that behind every man stands an even better woman! That is our Restaurant Manager Tida.

She was born in the south of Thailand and loved to cook since she was a child. When she was older, Tida opened a small but very popular restaurant in her hometown and her bestseller was her own creation of spicy Thai pasta with seafood.

Later in her career she worked in different hotels in the service segment and as a restaurant manager at a Café house. Tida is responsible for the perfect service at our restaurant and for the recipes of most of our Thai dishes. With her the fiery flavor of the South came to northern Thailand. 

At Steak Specialists she is the motivator for the team and you will always see her welcoming every guest with a big smile.

Chinno - Chef de Cuisine of Steak-Specialists

Chinno - Chef de Cuisine of Steak Specialists

Chinno is our new chef. Chinno has been cooking in international hotels and restaurants for almost 20 years. Among other things, he has worked in many 5-star resorts in southern Thailand, giving him a wealth of experience in cooking for western tourists.


Of particular note is that Chinno has an extra dose of passion for the Italian cuisine. As a result, several years ago he decided to complete an additional qualification in the Italian a la carte kitchen and then work in Italy for two years.


Most recently, Chinno worked in Singapore, but now he wants to regain his footing in Thailand and take it a bit easier.


We are glad to know him in our team!