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Some impressions from our team, work and satisfied guests

Photos from Steak Specialists in Chiang Rai

1 of the best restaurants in Chiang Rai
Steak-Specialistst in Chiang Rai
Steak-Specialists Burger
1 of the best Burger in Chiang Rai, people say. Of course, because we do not tell big, untruths but cook qualitatively.
Best restaurant in Chiang Rai
Steaks-Specialists Restaurant in Chiang Rai
rib eye steak, Rosemary potatoes, mixed vegetabels and redwine sauce
Here you can eat steaks of the highest quality.
Mint made her first Cordon Bleu by herself
Mint made her first Cordon Bleu by herself
dinning room steak specialists
... and dine in a cozy and romantic atmosphere

Our Tomahawk-steak flew in from Australia / Bangkok today.

steakhouse bar
we have an "open kitchen". You can see always how we work!
Chiang Rai Signature Cheesecake