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A little more detailed information, before you order one of our steaks in Chiang Rai:

Beef cuts
Beef cuts

The fillet is the noblest and most exquisite part of the bovine (the inner lumbar musculature). A fillet can be for example the T-bone steak or the Porterhouse steak. But you can also cut delicious steaks from the neck, the shoulder and the part that we call "extended back", the upper part of the club. Each part of the bovine has a special character and also a special taste. The muscle tissue and the fat content of the meat play a role. If you want to know more about the different kinds of beef cuts, readthis article to know which steak is the right one for you. No matter which one you prefer, all of our steaks come from Australia, where the animals are fed with only grass and live freely on huge grass lands which also has a big impact on the taste of ourhigh quality meat that we serve in Chiang Rai. 

Rib Eye (Entrecôte)

Rib Eye steak chiang rai
Rib Eye steak (Entrecôte)

The Rib eye steak is also called entrecôte, which is the French name for that part of the bovine. The French term explains where the meat comes from. Entre means between and côte means rib. So, the rib eye is cut out on the front part of the back of the animal and it is one of the best parts of the bovine, but not to be found on the menu of every steakhouse, because it isa steak for connoisseurs. The Rib eye is more fat-fried than a regular rump steak. It is also juicier and tastier. Definitely a delicious steak option!

Tomahawk Steak - also known as "Cowboy Steak"

Tomahawk Steak chiang rai
Tomahawk Steak or Cowboy Steak
Tomahawk Steak Chiang Rai Steak-Specialists
Australian Tomahawk Steak in Chiang Rai. Grilled on a lava rock grill! Steak-Specialists by Michael Schaller

The Tomahawk steak is also known under the name Cowboy Steak. The Tomahawk Steak, which you can order in Chiang Rai at the Steak Specialists and also comes from Australia, is from very high quality and is prepared on a lava rock grill by one of our experienced chefs. The Tomahawk steak comes from the same area as the rib eye steak, normally somewhere between the eighth and the twelfth rib.


The difference between the rib eye and the tomahawk or cowboy steak is that the latter one isgrilled and served with a big bone in it, so that it almost looks like an old indian tomahawk. Some steak lovers who consider themselves purists say that you cannot call it a steak when the bone is still in it. But many other steak experts love the tomahawk steak not only because it is big and juicy, but also because it has a very special taste thanks to bone and the fat part in the middle of the steak. The fact that the Steak Specialists in Chiang Rai cook their steaks on real fire on a lava grill also helps to keep all of the great taste in the beef! Now Chiang Rai have a new Tomahawk-Steak!

Tenderloin (Filet)

beef filet steak tenderloin chiang rai
Beef filet steak or Tenderloin

At our steak restaurant in Chiang Rai, you can get some of the best tenderloin steaks in Thailand. The tenderloin steak comes from the inner lumbar musculature of the bovine. It is supposed to be the best, most tender and therefore most expensive part of the animal. The reason for the tenderness of this part of the beef is that the fillet muscle is moving a lot less than othermuscles of the animal. It isn't stressed and stays tender, lean and fine-fibrous even on older animals. So, if you like tender leansteaks, the fillet or tenderloin is your best choice at the Steak Specialists in Chiang Rai. 

Chuck Roll

Chuck steak chiang rai
Chuck steak

You can also order a Chuck steak in Chiang Rai. This steak is cut from the comb of the beef. The neck of the bovine has to carryand move the head and is therefore rather strong. The muscles in the neck area are slightly less tender than the fillet but very juicy and they have an intense taste, mainly because of the high level of intramuscular fat in the meat. 

Rump Steak

Rump steak chiang rai
Rump steak

If you decide that a classic rump steak is your favorite steak option, the Steak Specialists in Chiang Rai have it on the menu. Our rump steaks are cut from the back part of bovine from Australia and they are the classic steak that everyone knows and loves. Rump steaks are juicy with a fatty edge that we always keep on the meat while grilling it. That fat part is one of the reasons why the taste of the meat is so awesome, even if you remove it afterwards before you eat your steak. 

Sir Loin Steak

Sirloin Steak in Chiang Rai
Sir Loin Steak at Steakk-Specialists Chiang Rai

Sir Loin steak is often compared to Rump steak. The difference is in the marbling of the meat and the steak cut. The Sir Loin is cut from the back of the roast beef and is more tender than the Rump steak.

T-Bone steak

T-Bone steak chiang rai
T-Bone steak

In Chiang Rai you can also get a traditional and delicious T-Bone steak. This steak is cut from the back of the bovine and is partly a rump steak and partly a tenderloin. The term T-Bone comes from the fact that a T-shaped bone is left on the meat. That bone is the backbone of the animal. The meat of the T-Bone steak is strongly marbled with fat, that melts while on the grill. That's how the T-Bone steak gets its great taste and the characteristic succulence. Our lava rock grill makes the taste of the beef even better, because of the real fire instead of just a pan. 


porterhouse steak chiang rai
Porterhouse steak 700 grams

Order a Porterhouse steak at the Steak Specialists in Chiang Rai and get a delicious piece of meat that is shaped like a T-Bonesteak. The typical T-shaped bone is the same, but the Porterhouse steak is 700 grams and is therefore a meal for real steaklovers or very hungry people. The Porterhouse steak also has a bit more fillet than rump steak. Traditionally the Porterhousesteak that was invented in 1840 in New York was a steak for hardworking people and therefore always a bit bigger (minimum 600 grams).

And we have Imported  high Quality Steaks from naturally Grass fed Australia and New Zealand. And we grilled on real lava rock! Check also our menu of Steak-Specialists in Chiang Rai